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A Day In The Life of a Wesser Fundraiser/Team Leader

Steve Evans, Team Leader in the Manchester fundraising team provides a brief overview of the daily tasks performed by Wesser live-in fundraisers/team leaders.

A Day In The Life Of A Wesser Fundraiser

Team Leader Irina Alves provides an overview of the daily activities performed by Wesser live-in fundraisers/team leaders.

Fundraising Seminar Sports Day Highlights 05th August 2017

We put the Fun into Fundraising Seminar with our first ever "Wesser Olympics Sports Day".

Wesser Fundraiser Testimonials - Laurène Lambert - Merthyr Tydfil Team

Physiology and pharmacology student Laurène Lambert reviews her first summer as a fundraiser with Wesser.

Fundraiser Testimonials - Megan Andrews - Waltham Abbey Team

Fundraiser/Team Leader Megan talks about why she joined the Wesser team, working on behalf of St John Ambulance and job satisfaction. as a fundraiser with Wesser.

Wesser Fundraiser Testimonials - Steve Evans - Manchester Team

Team Leader/Fundraiser Steve Evans tells us why he loves being a Wesser Live-In Fundraiser.

What do our fundraisers say about door to door fundraising?

Fundraisers Liam and Dave discuss some of the positives and negatives of door to door fundraising.

Why is the Wesser fundraising role perfect for students?

Fundraising Team Leader Finley explains why fundraising with Wesser makes for a great student summer job!

The Wesser Fundraiser Selection Process

Charity Fundraiser - Rob Stevenson gives an overview of the selection process that led him to join the Wesser fundraising team.

Why do our fundraisers enjoy being part of a 'Live-In' fundraising team?

Top performing Fundraisers Jaymie, Andy and Gill tell us why they enjoy being part of a Wesser 'Live-In' fundraising team.

The Wesser Refer A Friend Scheme

Wesser Fundraiser Faye explains how the refer a friend scheme works and how you could pocket £250.00 for every friend you refer for a Wesser fundraising role.

Why I work at Wesser!

Call Centre Manager Amiey explains why she enjoys being part of the Wesser team.